15th - 16th May 2024   |   Free Online Event

Global Finance Summit:

Embracing AI & Automation in Finance

Join our two-day virtual finance summit featuring a variety of talks, expert panel discussions, and masterclasses. Secure your free ticket today.

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15th - 16th May 2024 | Free Virtual Event

Two Days of Online Training for Finance Leaders

In a rapidly shifting financial landscape, our summit provides a platform where finance leaders, industry experts, and innovators converge to explore the cutting-edge realms of embracing AI and automation in Finance.

The GrowCFO Global Finance Summit is more than a conference; it’s a collaborative space for exchanging ideas, refining strategies, and forging partnerships. From keynote sessions by industry leaders to workshops on automation, participants will be immersed in a dynamic environment fostering learning and innovation. Join us on this transformative journey – where finance meets the future.

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15th - 16th May 2024 | Free Online Event

Join Leading Finance Experts for Two Days of Learning & Discussion

You're invited to the first GrowCFO Global Finance Summit 2024 – an online event designed exclusively for our vibrant community of over 100,000 global finance leaders.

At GrowCFO, we’re driven by a commitment to empower our community with the knowledge and tools you need to excel in your role. We firmly believe in fostering an environment where finance professionals can come together, share insights, and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the finance industry. Join us and our expert panel of finance leaders for two days of talks, masterclasses and panel discussions.

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Agenda & Key Themes

Explore a variety of talks and expert panels during the two-day summit. Choose the sessions that interest you to curate your bespoke schedule for the event.

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Aqilla revolutionizes mid-market organizations with its cloud-based ERP solution. Streamline your financial operations and enhance decision-making with its simple, efficient, and user-friendly software. Experience the power of real-time data integration, adaptability to remote working, and rapid setup within five days. Aqilla provides an innovative approach integrating AI, automation, and open banking features.


Macrofin, the award-winning NetSuite Alliance Partner that offers a unique service run by accountants for accountants. Their finance-led approach fundamentally transforms financial implementations, achieving an impressive average go-live duration of just 4 months.


Maxio helps SaaS businesses uncover the critical financial insights they need to run an efficient SaaS business today while preparing for whatever comes tomorrow. Maxio automates your billing, subscription management, collections, and reporting, so you can stop chasing dollars and focus on what's next.

15th - 16th May 2024   |   Free Online Event

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Join us at the GrowCFO Global Finance Summit, where finance leaders, industry experts, and innovators come together to delve into the exciting realms of AI and automation in Finance. 

Experience more than just a conference - it's a collaborative hub for sharing ideas, shaping strategies, and building connections. From inspirational keynotes to hands-on automation workshops, immerse yourself in a vibrant setting that fuels learning and creativity. 

Embark on this transformative journey with us - where finance embraces the future. 

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Your Business

Discover innovative digital

technologies for operational efficiency,

cost reduction, and sustained finance

functions growth, keeping ahead of

industry trends in an automated

business landscape.

Enhance Your

Knowledge Base

Join in-depth discussions with industry

experts and thought leaders on digital

technology integration, automation

data-driven decision making, and

emerging trends to make informed

leadership decisions. Stay updated on

advancement and best practices.

Learn from Peers and

Industry Leaders

Connect with industry leaders at the

forefront of digital transformation and

automation. Engage in meaningful

conversations, share experiences and

gain valuable insights from real-world

case studies.

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